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Grace has done so many really fantastic things over the past year; Camp Takota, HeyUSA, her new podcast, writing a book, not to mention launching an amazing and successful new channel. Let’s show Grace how incredibly proud we are of all her hard work by voting here for her to win the Streamy for Entertainer of the Year. Don’t forget you can vote every day until the award show on Sunday!

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Question: Can you do a cartwheel?

T: Are you kidding? I can barely like walk. No. Can you?

G: Yes. I’m not gonna prove it. I mean…the internet can prove it if you go look at the videos from our No Filter tour. I did a serious cartwheel because the first night I did this bit where I did a ballet. And the first night I was like, “I can do a back walk-over. I know I can.” And I practiced it a bunch and I did it fine. And then I did it in the show and I fell on my head in the middle of it. I literally go to kick over and then my body just collapses.

T: Wait! Was I there?

G: No, not for this one. These are the other ones. And then my body collapses and then I just turned it into the Homer Simpson ‘run on my side’.

T: Nailed it. My queen. I’m sure I saw a gif of it.

G: And then I decided to switch it up and do a cartwheel, so it worked out.

T: You do you!

Not Too Deep Ep. 1 w/ Tyler Oakley

And you can see hannah panic in the first and in the second hannah is just like “yep, that’s our girl”